lets you impersonate another user using the dovecot master user feature

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This plugin lets you impersonate another user using the dovecot master user feature.

WARNING: please only use for user support or similar operational issues. I recommend you always get approval. Using this without consent may be illegal in some countries. For more information about this feature read:

The default separator character used is '*', but you can set a different one using the plugin config file.

How it works:

When you login to roundcube, you have to use your master user information:

Login: user*master Password: password_of_master

The plugin then strips the master info from the form, so all preferences are correctly fetched for the user. (else it would try to find preferences for user*master). If you use any other plugins that use the authenticate hook, you might want to make this plugin the first plugin.


This project has moved from Google Code to git. Older version are available at Google Code. This git repository is only for roundcube versions 0.8 and higher.


Author: Cor Bosman (

Bug reports through github (


This plugin is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2. Please read through the file LICENSE for more information about this license.