Roundcube plugin to save and show user login information and login history.

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1.2.0 2019-04-16 14:15 UTC


Roundcube plugin to save and show user login information (user login history).

When a user logs in into Roundcube, this plugin:

  1. shows the user's last login information in a small box for N configurable seconds;
  2. saves the information to a database table for history purposes.

The login history may be consulted in its own Settings tab.

If using the geolocation plugin (config option lastlogin_geolocation is true) and you have some organization internal networks configured there, that information will be shown. For more information, see the geolocation plugin configuration.

The plugin provides a section in settings for the user to configure for how long (number of seconds) to show a notification with last access information on login.

Stable versions of this plugin are available from the Roundcube plugin repository or the releases section of the GitHub repository.


  • geolocation plugin if the config option lastlogin_geolocation is true (default).
  • The option log_logins in Roundcube main configuration must be enabled to register the logins.


Install with composer

Add the plugin to your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "dsoares/lastlogin": "*"


$ composer update [--your-options]`

Copy config.inc.php.dist to config.inc.php and modify it as necessary.

Manual installation

Place this directory under your Rouncdube plugins/ folder, copy config.inc.php.dist to config.inc.php and modify it as necessary. Then, you need to import the database script:

mysql -your_mysql_connection_options your_roundcube_database_name < SQL/mysql.initial.sql

NOTE: The plugin ships only with a MySQL/MariaDB script SQL/mysql.initial.sql; you are welcome to contribute with other database drivers.

Don't forget to enable the lastlogin plugin within the main Roundcube configuration file config/config.inc.php.


  • $config['lastlogin_timeout'] - number of seconds to show the user login info at login; default 10.

  • $config['lastlogin_lastrecords'] - number of history entries to show in the settings section; default 10.

  • $config['lastlogin_geolocation'] - use the geolocation plugin; default true.

  • $config['lastlogin_dns'] - also register IP DNS names; default true.

  • $config['lastlogin_tor'] - check if IP is a TOR-network exit point; default true.

  • $config['lastlogin_tor_suffix'] - the TOR-network DNS suffix.

  • $config['lastlogin_tor_ip'] - the TOR-network IP.

  • $config['lastlogin_mask_ip'] - mask the IP? (for GDPR); default false;

  • $config['lastlogin_useragent'] - save the user-agent information?; default false.

See the config.inc.php.dist for more information.

If you don't want the lastlogin_timeout setting to be overriden by the user, you can add it to your Roundcube dont_override.


This plugin is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3+.


Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Email: Diana Soares