Maintenance announcement banner

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1.0.0 2017-09-05 02:58 UTC


Roundcube Maintenance Banner plugin

Code inspired by https://github.com/dharmann/info_banner

License: GPL3+


Using the config, set the maintenance period. This will have the following effect:

  • Up to $config['maintenance_pre'] seconds before $config['maintenance_start'], a banner announcing the maintenance will be shown. This banner will be shown both on the login screen and as a notification in the main roundcube interface (only once per session).
  • Between $config['maintenance_start'] and $config['maintenance_end'], a banner announcing that the maintenance is taking place will be shown. The login form will also be hidden.
  • If $config['maintenance_light'] is set to true, the banner text will be different, and the login form will not be hidden.
  • By setting $config['maintenance_post'], a banner text can be shown after the maintenance period ends.


  • config.inc.php.dist contains a config template. Copy to config.inc.php and adjust as needed.
  • localization/<locale>.inc contains the Announcement messages
  • skins/default/maintenance.css contains the style for the #maintbanner element.