Add autocomplete queries to quicksearch inputs in adressbook and mail display

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dev-master 2014-11-13 21:55 UTC


Autocomplete plugin for Roundcube webmail using jQueryUI (BETA)

Installation :

  1. Download plugin in plugins folder of your roundcube installation.
  2. Add "autocomplete" (+ "jqueryui" if not already defined) to $config['plugins'] in cfg file.

Features :

In adressbook view, the plugin add the autocomplete feature for no-LDAP users via search method defined in rcube_contacts class.
In mail folders, the plugin add the autocomplete feature for both emails & names, contacting the IMAP server to find a result. ####How it works: While you press a key in a input identified by id="quicksearchbox" while task="adressbook" or "mail", an AJAX request is sent to the server to ask contacts matching your query string. The server send back an array of maximum 4 answers to update the source option of autocomplete feature defined by jQueryUI.

ToDo :

  • Caching previous requests
  • Take into consideration filters in mail folders search