Add recents contact in quicksearch box (mail compose)

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dev-master 2014-11-13 22:08 UTC


Display recent contacts in mail compose using jQueryUI (BETA)

Installation :

  1. Download plugin in plugins folder of your roundcube installation.
  2. Add "recent_contacts" (+ "jqueryui" if not already defined) to $config['plugins'] in cfg file.

Features :

Display the most recent contacts while you compose a mail (task="mail" & action="compose") ####How it works: While you compose a mail, if you click on the empty search input, an additional query is sent to the IMAP server to find 3 recent contacts and display them. Return an array to update the source option of jQueryUI autocomplete feature.

ToDo :

  • Caching the request (not doing it again and again, and again...)
  • A click on a element should transfer the value to TO: field