GuardianKey Auth Security for Roundcube

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More info about GuardianKey Auth Security:


You can install it in two ways:

Install via composer

You following the instructions in, and add in "require" section of composer.json: "guardiankey/guardiankey_auth":"dev-master"

Install directly

Download and extract the plugin into folder "plugins", in Roundcube root files and rename folder of plugin:

# cd <roundcube_root>/plugins
# wget
# unzip
# mv guardiankey-plugin-roundcube-master guardiankey_auth

Activate in "<roundcube_root>/config/", in variable "$config['plugins']", example:

$config['plugins'] = ['archive', 'zipdownload','guardiankey_auth'];


You need create a register in Then you navigate to, go to Setings->Authgroups->Edit/view(in My Authgroup)->Deploy information. Get informations and put in <roundcube_root>/plugins/guardiankey_auth/