A Roundcube plugin which shows folder size.

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0.4.6 2019-07-12 21:21 UTC


A Roundcube plugin which shows folder size.


I only (occasionally) test this plugin with following environments. Other setup should hopefully work as well but I cannot guarantee.

  • PHP: >= 5.4.0
  • Roundcube: 1.1.12, 1.3.9, 1.4-rc1
  • Supported skins: Classic, Larry, Elastic


How to install this plugin in Roundcube?

Install via Composer

This plugin has been published on the official Roundcube plugin repository.

  1. Go to your ROUNDCUBE_HOME (i.e., the root directory of your Roundcube).
  2. Run $ composer require jfcherng/show-folder-size.
  3. You may edit the config.inc.php under this plugin's directory if you want to do some configurations.

Install manually

  1. Create folder show_folder_size in ROUNDCUBE_HOME/plugins if it does not exist.
  2. Copy all plugin files there.
  3. If you want to do plugin configuration, copy config.inc.php.dist to config.inc.php and then edit config.inc.php.
  4. Edit your Roundcube's config file (ROUNDCUBE_HOME/config/config.inc.php or maybe /etc/roundcube/config.inc.php), locate $config['plugins'] and add 'show_folder_size',.

// some other codes...

$config['plugins'] = [
    // some other plugins...
    'show_folder_size', // <-- add this line

Thank you guys for sending me some cups of coffee.