Message label plugin for roundcube

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Message label plugin for roundcube

Attention! Latest version plugin use new roundcube class storage and don't work with version < 0.8.
For version < 0.8 use version plugin (1.0)

1. git clone message_label
2. move folder message_label in roundcube plugin folder
3. add 'message_label' to $rcmail_config['plugins'] in your RoundCube config

This is plugin for roundcube to add labels like Google labels.

* manually and filter way add labels
* manually remove filter find labels
* multilabels support
* drag and drop to add label support
* remove label on one click on label in subject
* search all labels in all folder on one click (manual select folder search on filter search label) 
* display label list on left panel under folder list

Comments and suggestions are welcome.