Plugin to set custom information on the login entry screen.

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Roundcube Webmail Login Info 1.5.1

Plugin to show additional customized text/info on the login screen.

Download and install via

1.5.1: Fixed undefined vars in js

Configuration Options

Set the following options directly in Roundcube's main config file or via host-specific configurations:

Configuration in

// use localization ? true/false => see examples in dir localization
$rcmail_config['custom_login_info_localization'] = false;

// put your message before and/or after the login form
// set to false if not used
$rcmail_config['custom_login_info_before'] = '<img style="display:block;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;" src="plugins/login_info/media/plugin_login_info.png" />';
$rcmail_config['custom_login_info_after'] = false;

// used as bottom line below message
// set to false if not used
//$rcmail_config['custom_login_bottomline'] = '<a style="color:grey;" href="">This service is managed by YOU</a>';
$rcmail_config['custom_login_bottomline'] = false;

If you are using localization support remove and do your changes only in

localization/ # see examples as