Mobile Plugin and Skin for Roundcube (needs melanie2_mobile skin)

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0.4.9 2018-12-05 13:42 UTC


Mobile Plugin for Roundcube 1.3.X


Plugin for adding the ability of switching between desktop skin and mobile skin. There is an automatic switch with the user-agent of the browser and a manual switch with two buttons (Desktop view and Mobile view)

Its needs the melanie2_larry_mobile skin and the jquery_mobile plugin


Mobile Melanie2 Skin 0.4.9


PNE Annuaire et Messagerie/MEDDE


Works on Roundcube 1.3.8

You need to add melanie2_larry_mobile v0.4.7 skin ( in the Roundcube skins folder, and jquery_mobile v1.2 plugin ( in plugins folder

Rename the folder to "mobile" and add it to your Roundcube instance/plugins directory. Then edit Roundcube file and add "mobile" to the $config['plugins'] array.

For an installation with plugins manager you can follow the Roundcube Team's how-to :


You should only activate "mobile" plugin in config file, not the "jquery_mobile" plugin or you will have displays trouble in desktop view. jquery_mobile plugin is automatically activated by the mobile plugin when needed.


"plugins" directory provides melanie2_larry_mobile skin for supported plugins. Take the melanie2_mobile skin folder and put it in your plugin skins folder. For kolab calendar plugin, you'll have to use this repo :


Before opening an issue, make sure to use last releases of plugin ( and skin ( Thank you.