A plugin for Roundcube to include CalDAVZap in to the main GUI

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v1.03 2017-11-30 08:03 UTC


A plugin for Roundcube to include CalDAVZap in to the main GUI. CalDAVZap is included in the plugin folder since version 1.02 of this plugin. The latest version i could found is 0.13.2rc1 from All credits goes to, the developers of CalDAVZap.

There are some minor tweaks i have made to:

  1. interfce.js I have found a small glitch displaying the wrong state of availabillity. I have fixed this and reported it back to They have included this fix in his internal GIT.
  2. index.html This file is the original version, i have made a copy called roundcube.html and tweaked it to use my own CalDAVZap-Auth-Plugin.
  3. config_rc.js includes a configuration for the new Auth Plugin
  4. main_rc.js added the code for my own Auth Plugin
  5. */auth/plugins/roundcube ** both files manage to login via a existing Roundcube session



  • Small fix for Classic skin
  • Fix for path issue


  • There is now a special auth plugin for CalDAVZap to use together with Roundcube. With this its not needed to fill in the loginform, we can now login via a existing Roundcube session.
  • Added more config parameters in
  • Tweaked the login process, so we can login faster
  • Tweaked the styles, so that it matches more the Roundcube styles


  • Add support for the Roundcube classic skin. Before that, it was only compatibel with larry. If you want your non-standard skin to be supported also, please drop me a line. If you have a dedicated calender icon you want to use, please let me know.


  • Re-Submit plugin to GitHub after accidential delete it before. Sorry for that
  • Added latest CalDAVZap package to the plugin, no seperate download is needed.


  • Removed unused code


  • Initial Commit


  1. extract the archive into the plugin folder of Roundcube <roundcube>/plugins/ and rename it to caldavzap, so that the path reads at the end /path/to/DOCUMENT_ROOT/ROUNDCUBEDIR/plugins/caldavzap/.
  2. configure CalDAVZap config.js to your needs in the "caldavzap_0.13.2" subdir of this plugin. Keep in mind that your DAV source uses the same credentials as the Roundcube credentials
  3. activate the CalDAVZap plugin in /config/ in the way that you add it to the active plugins array, like $config['plugins'] = array('caldavzap');