Directly integrate elFinder as App in to Roundcubewith SSO.

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1.2.0 2018-01-04 12:23 UTC


Directly integrate elFinder as App in to Roundcube with SSO. You can find elFinder at GitHub (



  • Small fix for Classic skin


  • You can now add files from the server storage with the hekp of elFinder.
  • Fix for wrong path issue


  • There is now a special connector.roundcube.php file, so that you can use this, instead of connector.minimal.php
  • Configuration of basepath is now done in
  • It's now possible to save E-Mail Attachments in the configured storage. For this, there is a new config parameter in to specify the right path. If this path doesn't exist, it will be created automatically.


  • I have changed the authentication. Now I use directly the Roundcube session to login and build the path for elFinder. This is more secure than my previous approach.
  • Addes skin support for classic skin


  • This is the first release and somewhat like a first test. You have to download and configure elFinder yourself, since this is not the goal of this plugin.


  1. Extract the downloaded archive into Roundcube’s plugin directory <roundcube>/plugins/ and rename it to storage.
  2. Download elFinder from
  3. Extract elFinder in to the plugin directory. I have some example preconfigured files from eLfinder 2.1.30 (they end with *.example)
  4. Configure elFinder to your needs. Mostly this follows the instructions on the elFinder Source.
  5. There is now a roundcube.html. THis file is preconfigured to work together with Roundcube
  6. Activate the plugin in /config/ in the way that you add it to the active plugins array, like $config['plugins'] = array('storage');


  • Login is done with the same credentials as in Roundcube.
  • Information on how to configure elFinder can be found in the elFinder project