Fetch avatar image on view e-mail (using Gravatar and/or custom API).

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v1.3 2018-11-26 18:53 UTC


Non official plug-in showing Gravatar profile images inside the Roundcube webmail client, it also supports custom avatars API.

It has been implemented as Roundcube readonly hidden addressbook. You have to ensure this plugin is added into the latest entry in the main config ($config['plugins']). If so and any address book (LDAP, Google, etc...) already has a photo for a contact it will use first the other pictures and lastly if none reported it will use gravatar (Roundcube will use it in following the order listed in the main config).

Tested in roundcube 1.2.0.


Intallation steps:

  • Via composer:
    • Run php composer.phar require "prodrigestivill/gravatar":"dev-master"
  • Via git:
    • Clone the repository: cd roundcube/plugins && git clone git@github.com:prodrigestivill/roundcube-gravatar.git gravatar
  • Via tarball:
    • Download and extract the tarball into roundcube/plugins directory and rename the extracted directory to gravatar

For the expected behaviour ensure it is always the latest plugin (or at least addressbook plugin) in the $config['plugins'] list at config/config.inc.php.

To enable per user: Login to Roundcube and enable/disable plugin by navigating to the Settings page, clicking on Preferences, click on Address Book, and Enable Gravatar, and Save.

To configure/change default values:

  • Copy config.inc.php.dist to config.inc.php in plugins/gravatar/ directory.
  • Modify the values you are interested into change and comment the rest with '//'

Custom API

You can define your custom API for photos at 'gravatar_custom_photo_api' in config.inc.php in plugins/gravatar/ directory. With the following substitutions.

  • %%: literal '%'
  • %s: schema ('http', 'https') depending of 'gravatar_https' config
  • %e: contact email (escaped with urlencode)
  • %m: hashed md5(email)
  • %a: hashed sha1(email)
  • %z: configured avatar size (in px)
  • %r: configured rating ('g', 'pg', 'r', 'x')

Usage for default Gravatar API is: %s://www.gravatar.com/avatar/%m?s=%z&r=%r&d=404

You can use local files, it is not needed to be an URL. But if you plan to use it for direct filesystem access, for security reasons it is best to only use hashed email substitutions, even that all parameters are escaped with urlencode.


$config['gravatar_custom_photo_api'] = 'http://www.example.com/directory/%e.jpg?s=%z';
$config['gravatar_custom_photo_api'] = '/path/%m.jpg';