Adds context menus with mailbox operations

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1.3.3 2017-10-03 19:54 UTC


Technical plugin name is contextmenu_folder.

Folder list context menu Folder list control menu Message list context menu

This plugin can be useful for users who want to work efficiently with large number of mailboxes or imap folders (anywhere form few hundred to few thousand folders).

Plugin contextmenu_folder provides context menus for the following folder operations:

  • create/delete/rename/locate mailbox imap folder
  • apply mailbox tree view filters, grouped in categories: [active, favorite]
  • where each category uses filter selectors from: [unread, special, selected, transient, predefined]

Filter selectors support these features:

  • unread : this filter finds mailboxes with unread messages
  • special : will include special imap folders: [inbox, drafts, sent, junk, trash]
  • selected : represents folder collection which can be selected/unselected into by the user
  • transient : based on automatic folder collection, which tracks created/deleted/renamed mailboxes
  • predefined : static user-defined list of mailbox folders, which is more "permanent" then selected


Plugin contextmenu_folder requires few other plugins:

Manual Install

Installation can be done in two steps: providing resources and activating configuration.

  1. Provision plugin resources. For example, for roundcube on archlinux:
cd /usr/share/webapps/roundcubemail/plugins

rm -r -f contextmenu
git clone https://github.com/random-cuber/contextmenu.git contextmenu

rm -r -f contextmenu_folder
git clone https://github.com/random-cuber/contextmenu_folder.git contextmenu_folder
  1. Activate plugin in roundcube configuration. For example, for roundcube on archlinux:
cat /etc/webapps/roundcubemail/config/config.inc.php

$config['plugins'] = array(
    'jqueryui',           // dependency
    'contextmenu',        // dependency
    'contextmenu_folder', // plugin proper


Navigate to:

Settings -> Preferences -> Mailbox View -> Folder Menu

Menu entries:


Available features are described in plugin default config.


  1. Folder list context menu:

Navigate to:

Mail -> [Mailbox list] -> [Access context menu]

Menu entries:

  • Select folder : append given mailbox to the selected collection
  • Unselect folder : remove given mailbox from the selected collection
  • Create folder : create new sub folder using given mailbox as a parent
  • Delete folder : completely remove given folder and its messages
  • Rename folder : change mailbox name, keep existing messages in new folder
  • Folder tree read : mark all read in the given folder and all of the descendants
  1. Folder list control menu:

Navigate to:

Mail -> [Mailbox list] -> [Click footer button]

Menu entries:

  • Show all : remove all filters and display all available mailboxes
  • Show active : apply mailbox filters form active category (see settings)
  • Show favorite : apply mailbox filters form favorite category (see settings)
  • Reset selected : remove all mailboxes form the selected collection
  • Reset transient : remove all mailboxes form the transient collection
  • Expand all : expand all mailboxes in the current view
  • Collapse all : collapse all mailboxes in the current view
  • Locate folder : present a search dialog to find a mailbox via simple name match

Note that footer button will change appearance to reflect all/active/favorite view.

  1. Message list context menu:

Navigate to:

Mail -> [Message list] -> [Access context menu]

Menu entries:

  • Create folder : create imap folder based on company/contact name derived from email headers
  • Copy to folder : copy selected mailbox messages to a folder located by quick folder name search
  • Move to folder : move selected mailbox messages to a folder located by quick folder name search


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