Response templates with variables

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Technical plugin name is responses.

Plugin help template

Plugin provides variable substitution in the compose response templates by injecting fields derived from the composed mail headers (from, to, cc), and thus can make mail messages more personal.

Plugin also adds support for html-based response templates.

For example, assuming the following compose message headers:

from: "thomas cube" <thomas.cube@mailer.net>
to:   "machniak, aleksander" <aleks@example.com>

this sample template with variables:

    {to_head}, hello.
    Thank you,
    {from_full} <{from_mail}>

will produce the following result after insert:

    Aleksander, hello.
    Thank you,
    Thomas Cube <thomas.cube@mailer.net>

Manual Install

Installation can be done in two steps: providing resources and activating configuration.

  1. Provision plugin resources. For example, for roundcube on archlinux:
cd /usr/share/webapps/roundcubemail/plugins

rm -r -f responses
git clone https://github.com/random-cuber/responses.git responses
  1. Activate plugin in roundcube configuration. For example, for roundcube on archlinux:
cat /etc/webapps/roundcubemail/config/config.inc.php

$config['plugins'] = array(
    'responses',   // plugin proper


Navigate to:

// to change plugin features:
Settings -> Preferences -> Composing Messages -> Responses

// to manage response templates:
Settings -> Responses -> ...

Menu entries:



Prepare templates using available plugin variables.


Contribute to translation via transifex.