Packages from roundcube

  • PHP


    This authres_status plugin checks the Authentication-Results headers of your emails and displays the verification status. The verification status is displayed when you read an email, but you can also add a column to your message list.

  • PHP


    CardDAV adapter for connecting to CardDAV-enabled addressbooks

  • JavaScript


    This chbox plugin adds the convenient functionality of making single and/or multiple selections from a number of emails in Roundcube message list.

    Abandoned! See Elastic skin from RC1.4

  • PHP


    Allow manual sender address input ('From' header) when composing

  • PHP


    Plugin to set custom logo, watermark image and stylesheets by config.

  • PHP


    Select Elastic skin for mobile devices

  • PHP


    Plugin that adds a new tab to the settings section to create client-side e-mail filtering.

  • roundcube/force_password_change

    When user is login, this plugin checks the last change password date and sets a session flag in case it is incomplete. An overlay box will appear on the screen until the user has completed change.

  • PHP


    A composer-installer for Roundcube plugins.

  • PHP


    This is an example plugin to demo how the integration works

  • roundcube/ude_login

    Allows to specify configuration settings such as IMAP/SMTP servers, active plugins, etc. on a per-user level using a static text file.

  • PHP


    Virtual User mapping multiple user logins for one account.