CardDAV adapter for connecting to CardDAV-enabled addressbooks

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3.0.3 2018-10-01 07:22 UTC


CardDAV plugin for the RoundCube Webmailer

Upgrading from 1.0

There is no upgrade path from the 1.0 version. You need to manually remove RCMCardDAV 1.0, drop its tables from your database and start with a fresh installation.

Upgrading from 2.0.x

There is no supported upgrade path from the 2.0.x version. You need to manually remove RCMCardDAV 2.0.x, drop its tables from your database and start with a fresh installation.


RCMCardDAV requires at least PHP 5.6.18. Older versions might work if the version check is disabled using the $prefs['_GLOBAL']['suppress_version_warning'] configuration entry, but this is unsupported.


RCMCardDAV can be installed via composer, from a release tarball or from a git clone. This list is in increasing difficulty, with composer being the easiest method.

Please note that due to version incompatibilities of depending libraries, this plugin might be incompatible to Kolabs calendar plugin. There is a compatible version available here:

Intallation steps:

  • Log out of Roundcube! This is important because RCMCardDAV runs its database initialisation / update procedure only when a user logs in!
  • Get RCMCardDAV
    • Via composer:
      • Add "roundcube/carddav": "dev-master" to your composer.json file and install with php composer.phar install.
    • Via release tarball:
      • Download and extract the release tarball into roundcube/plugins directory and rename the extracted directory to carddav. The tarball contains all necessary dependencies and does not need composer.
    • Via git:
      • Please do not do not do this unless you have a very good reason for it! Check the file for instructions.
  • Configure RCMCardDAV If you want to configure preset addressbooks for your users, copy the file to and edit it as you need.
  • Make sure that the files and directories are owned by the user and group that your webserver runs as. For Debian GNU/Linux that would be: chown -R www-data:www-data roundcubemail/plugins/carddav
  • Install the curl php extension if not already present: sudo apt-get install php5-curl
  • Enable RCMCardDAV in Roundcube: Open the file roundcube/config/ and add carddav to the array $config['plugins'].
  • Login to Roundcube and setup your addressbook by navigation to the Settings page and click on CardDAV.

In case of errors, check the files roundcube/logs/*.