Allow manual sender address input ('From' header) when composing

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This plugin adds a blue button to the compose screen, next to the identities selection dropdown. By clicking it, a textbox will replace the dropdown, allowing you to enter whatever you want as sender value (it must be a valid "From:" header field value, though).

When replying to an e-mail sent to you through an address not in your identities list, plugin will automatically fire and set "From:" header to the address the original e-mail was sent to.

Install (with Composer):

Execute composer require roundcube/custom-from from your RoundCube install folder.

Install (manually):

Clone repository content to a custom_from folder inside your RoundCube plugins directory, so that file custom_from.php file can be found at <RoundCube install folder>/plugins/custom_from/custom_from.php.

cd <RoundCube install folder>
git clone

Then add a reference to this plugin in RoundCube plugins list located in <RoundCube install folder>/config/ configuration file (update the $config['plugins'] variable). Ensure your web user has read access to the plugin directory and all files in it.


Once plugin is installed, custom sender button will appear at the right hand side of the identity selection list.

If you want to disable the "automatic replacement on reply" feature, rename file into, uncomment the line with a parameter named custom_from_compose_auto and set this value to false.