Plugin that adds a new tab to the settings section to create client-side e-mail filtering.

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Plugin that adds a new tab to the settings section to create client-side e-mail filtering.

@version 2.2.1 @author Roberto Zarrelli @developer Artur Petrov


To install the plugin you have to:

  1. Download zip-archive to Roundcube/plugins folder;
  2. Unzip downloaded zip-archive;
  3. Rename unziped folder to 'filters';
  4. Add "filters" in the plugins section of the roundcube configuration (config/ For example:
$config['plugins'] = array(

Installation (ISPConfig 3.1)

cd /usr/share/roundcube/plugins
unzip && mv filters-master filters
cd filters && mkdir /etc/roundcube/plugins/filters
mv /etc/roundcube/plugins/filters/
ln -s /etc/roundcube/plugins/filters/
ln -s /usr/share/roundcube/plugins/filters /var/lib/roundcube/plugins/filters


To setup the plugin, open the file and edit the following variables:

  $config['autoAddSpamFilterRule'] = TRUE;  // if TRUE a spam filter rule is created for all users which automatically move messages into junk folder if no filters rules
  $config['spam_subject'] = '[SPAM]';       // How to mark the spam in the subject? To have effect the previous variable must be TRUE.
  $config['caseInsensitiveSearch'] = TRUE;  // if TRUE filters searching in case insensitive mode.
  $config['decodeBase64Msg'] = TRUE;        // if TRUE decode base64 mail messages.
  $config['spam_headers'] = array('X-Spam-Flag','X-Spam-Status','X-Yandex-Spam'); // Check additional headers or amavisd-new headers like X-Spam-Flag, don't need mark spam in the subject


  • 1.0. Initial version.
  • 1.1. Fixed some important issues.
  • 1.2. Fixed some minor issues - thanks to Marco De Vivo.
  • 1.3. Fixed some minor issues and added additional translations: Dutch and French - thanks to Ruud van den Hout.
  • 1.4. News: each rule can now filter all, read or unread messages.
  • 1.5. Fixed some important issues detected with Roundcube 0.8
  • 1.6. Added additional translation: German - thanks to Fynn Kardel.
  • 1.7. Added additional translation: Russian - thanks to AresMax.
  • 1.8. Added additional translation: Czech - thanks to Miroslav Baka.
  • 1.9. Added additional translation: Spanish - thanks to Yoni (MyRoundcube Dev Team -
  • 1.9.1. Added additional translations: Polish - thanks to Damian Wrzalski; Slovak - thanks to Miki.
  • 1.9.2:
    • Added additional translation: Portugal - thanks to antoniomr.
    • Fixed the UTF-8 coding on the German translation - thanks to Veit.
    • Added the contrib section with third-party scripts.
    • Thanks to Carsten Schumann to write the manual filter patch for Filters 1.9.2 which adds the option to filter manually on request (i.e. to move all newsletters/alerts from inbox to trash). The patch expands the settings page with an option "Mode: automatic/manual" and adds a "manual filter" button to the toolbar. Finally, it updates the localization files.
  • 2.0:
    • Added the 'auto add spam filter rule' which automatically add the rule to move messages into junk folder.
    • Added additional translations: Taiwan - thanks to Avery Wu;
    • Added additional translations: Romanian - thanks to Tache Madalin;
    • Fixed to UTF-8 the French translation - thanks to Nvirenque.
  • 2.1:
    • Added the feature to filter base64 encoded mail messages;
    • Added the feature to filter messages searching in case insensitive or case sensitive mode;
    • Improved the code to prevent the javascript injection - thanks to Moritz;
    • Improved code organization;
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 2.1.1:
    • Fixed a bug which prevented to insert case sensitive search strings - thanks to Emanuele Bruno.
  • 2.1.2:
    • Added a dynamic vertical scrollbar when there are a lot of filters to show - thanks to Alain Martini.
  • 2.1.3:
    • Now check mail only in INBOX like yandex.mail or gmail;
    • fix "refresh" mailboxes after move mails;
    • Fixed a bug with the conflict rules. Add priority checkbox, now first rules with priority are working.
  • 2.1.4:
    • Fixed for compare strings (Tested in all russian charset);
    • Fixed option: all, read and unread messages;
    • Added a new option: mark read or mark unread messages;
    • Fully replaced a search algorithm;
    • Fixed localization for 'folder' and 'folder.subfolder' - thanks to twisterbr;
    • Added additional translations: Japanese - thanks to tatsuyaueda;
    • Added;
    • Fix "decode and search BASE64 messages";
    • Added additional translations: Ukrainian - thanks to Dmitro Gnatoyko (
  • 2.1.5:
    • Fixed for Roundcubemail 1.2.2.
  • 2.1.6:
    • Fixed for Roundcubemail 1.2.4;
    • Fixed warnings;
    • Fixed "SAVE" button in settings -> filter rules. Thx @JofO97;
    • Fixed search in Roundcube - thanks to peterkroon.
  • 2.1.7:
    • Fixed for Roundcubemail 1.3.4;
    • Fixed error "The fields Contains must not be empty"... but the field isn't empty when adding a filter - thanks to derekisbusy (Merge pull request #28 from derekisbusy/master);
    • Fixed PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /sites/www/roundcube/plugins/filters/filters.php on line 247 - thanks to BeBest123 (Merge pull request #32 from BeBest123/patch-1);
    • Render settings sidebar with RC's PHP API - thanks to jfcherng (Merge pull request #38 from jfcherng/master).
  • 2.1.8:
    • Added new option for select source folder.
  • 2.1.9:
    • Added check for additional headers from ($config['spam_headers']=array()).
  • 2.2.0:
  • 2.2.1: