Allow user to change background of Roundcube

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RoundCube plugin for changing background like gmail

How to:

  1. add background_changer to the plugin list in ""
  2. copy background_changer folder to plugin folder
  3. open html"program/steps/utils/ " in text editor. in $whitelist array add 'background_changer'. after that array will look like this
    $whitelist = array(
  4. go to your default skin , in this case assuming skin larry. open "larry/include/header.html" in text editor add below line at the end of file.
        var background_c = "<roundcube:var name="config:background_c" />";
  5. background can be change from settings page

How to add or remove background in base:

  1. open file
  2. add background url in "background_images" array
  3. add background thumbnail in "background_images_background" array
  4. copy both image and its thumbnail version to images folder inside background_changer directory

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