lets you adjust the spam preferences via vpopmaild

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  1. Make sure that your installation of vpopmaild is up and running. If you need to know how to setup the daemon, see /doc/README.vpopmaild in the source folder of vpopmail.

  2. Copy the files spam_vpopmaild.php, and the folder localization to a folder named spam_vpopmaild into the directory plugins of your Roundcube installation.

  3. Rename to

  4. Adjust the values in to the values that match to your setup.


Access the plugin options via Settings -> Spam protection.


Tested with Roundcube 1.0.1 and PHP 5.4.4 but should work with older versions.


Roundcube Plugin Spam Vpopmaild let's you adjust the spam preferences via vpopmaild.

Copyright (C) 2014 Simon Plasger

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