Plugin for moving attachment pane above the message window

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1.1.0 2017-01-13 18:52 UTC


This plugin adds an option to Roundcube mail that adds a setting allowing users to choose where the attachment upload pane should appear when composing a message.

By default, the attachment pane is displayed to the right of the message composition window taking up space from the message window. This makes it easy for the user to choose to move the attachment pane to the position above the message window (similar to Roundcube 0.9.x) but still have the ability to drag and drop attachments, and see a full list of files attached to the message.


Manual download:

  • Download the latest stable release of this plugin
  • Save it to a directory called attachment_position
  • Place the folder into the plugins/ directory of Roundcube
  • Add an element attachment_positions to the $config['plugins'] setting in your Roundcube config/ file.

Using composer:

  • Edit composer.json in the root directory where Roundcube is installed
  • In the require section, add "sonic/attachment_position": "~1.1"
  • See the Roundcube plugins site for more information.


When the plugin is activated, a small up arrow icon is dynamically added to the attachments pane when composing a message. Clicking this moves the attachment pane above the message composition window.

Users can permanently set this behavior by going to Settings >> Preferences >> Composing Messages and setting the option labeled: Location of attachments pane to above the message composition window.

Important Skin Information

This plugin is made for the larry skin. The CSS and Javascript may not function with other skins that are heavily modified or not derived from larry.

If using another skin extending larry, you will need to create a symbolic link for your skin in the attachment_position/skins directory pointing to larry (e.g. ln -s larry yourskin). If this step is not taken, the plugin will not load the appropriate CSS and Javascript files when composing a message.


attachment pane above message settings


Copyright (c) 2016, Inc. This software is released under the BSD-3 license. See the included LICENSE file for details.