Ready to use and configurable keyboard shortcuts. Supports OS-native variations, contains all bugfixes of original 'keyboard_shortcuts' plugin.

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v0.9.4 2016-05-02 04:55 UTC


Plugin that enables keyboard shortcuts, and makes associations configurable by Roundcube admin.

Supports almost all possible keyboard shortcuts (any combination of alt, ctrl, meta and shift keys), and all of character, number, punctuation, direction, F1-F12 keys with addition of backspace and delete key + ctrl+enter for send mail.

Initial sets of keyboard shortcuts are ready to be used:

  • ng_awesome - default association map for this plugin, enabled by default
  • os_native_linux
  • os_native_macosx (TODO)
  • os_native_windows (TODO)
  • compat_rc_plugin - mimics behavour of keyboard_shortcuts plugin

ng_awesome keyboard map - your participation is awesome!

ng_awesome keyboard shortcut association map is destined to be the best available keyboard map ever! But, to get there, your suggestions, arguments and code are required.

The idea behind ng_awesome is (for now) the following:

  • use as many os-native shortcuts as possible, because user is already used to those,
  • make non-os-native shortcuts intuitive,
  • make reading mail possible with as little hand movement as possible,
  • do not make it dangerous (letter 'd' for deleting email, for example, when 'delete' key is already there).

The initial idea (rought, untested!) for mail reading is this:

  • 'q' and 'a' is for selecting mailboxes/folders,
  • 'up' and 'down' keys are for selecting email (default),
  • 'space' selects email and opens it in preview pane (default),
  • 'w' and 'a' keys are for scrolling preview pane up and down

Now, about shortcuts above: I would like to replace up/down with 'p'/'l' combination, and use up/down keys for preview pane scrolling - placement of keys aligns more naturally with on-screen content positions. Another comment is that space key is not natural for opening email in preview pane, if preview pane is already visible. I generally tend towards hitting enter and expecting email to open in preview pane instead in new window/refreshed window in email-view mode.

Anyhow: issues, comments and pull requests are welcome. Beware that pull requests will probably be integrated very slowly, as additional comments will be waited for.


Like any normal Roundcube plugin. Use composer.json.


See config/defaults.inc.php for details. Local overrides are done in your main Roundcube configuration file. Files you create in plugin/keyboard_shortcuts_ng/config/ are ignored.


Details that need attention of developers:

  • when previewpane is empty, 'c' for compose shortcut does not work - 404 because of skins/theme/... src= value
  • fix help output to display actual associations
  • move association_hash computation to frontend/JS


This plugin came to life as an offspring of original keyboard_shortcuts plugin, joined by a series of merges of almost all unmerged changes throughout GitHub, fueled by major refactoring and implementation of configurable key associations.

Remaining parts of keyboard_shortcuts are pending for replacement or rewrite:

  • help screen
  • .css file
  • content in localization/
  • content in skins/


This plugin is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. Please read through the file LICENSE for more information about this license.