Shows thunderbird labels for messages in roundcube webmail.

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v1.4.2 2020-02-17 14:18 UTC



  • Displays the message rows using the same colors as Thunderbird does
  • Label of a message can be changed/set exactly like in Thunderbird
  • Keyboard shortcuts on keys 0-5 work like in Thunderbird
  • Integrates into contextmenu plugin when available
  • Works for skins classic, larry and elastic
  • currently available translations:
    • English
    • French (Français)
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Polish (Polski)
    • Russian (Русский)
    • Hungarian (Magyar)
    • Czech (Česky)
    • Bulgarian (български език)
    • Catalan (català)
    • Latvian (latviešu)
    • Italian (italiano)
    • Spanish (español)
    • Slovak (Slovenčina)
    • Ukranian (українська)
    • Brazilian Portuguese (português do Brasil)
    • Portuguese (português)
    • Dutch (Nederlands)
    • Greek (ελληνικά)
  • screenshot


  1. unpack to plugins directory
  2. add , 'thunderbird_labels' to $rcmail_config['plugins'] in roundcubes config/
  3. if you run a custom skin, e.g. silver then you should also symlink or copy the skins folder of the plugin to the corresponding skins name, for the example given: ln -s plugins/thunderbird_labels/skins/larry plugins/thunderbird_labels/skins/silver



  • tb_label_enable = true/false (can be changed by user in prefs UI)
  • tb_label_modify_labels = true/false
  • tb_label_enable_contextmenu = true/false
  • tb_label_enable_shortcuts = true/false (can be changed by user in prefs UI)
  • tb_label_style = 'bullets' or 'thunderbird'


Michael Kefeder


This plugin is based on a patch I found for roundcube 0.3 a long time ago.

Since roundcube is now able to handle the labels without modification of its source I decided to create a plugin.

There exists a "Tags plugin for RoundCube" which does something similar, my plugin emulates thunderbirds behaviour better I think (coloring the message rows for example)