This RoundCube plugin adds the Google 2-step verification to the login proccess (OTP)

  • PHP


    Kolab 2-Factor Authentication

  • PHP


    This authres_status plugin checks the Authentication-Results headers of your emails and displays the verification status. The verification status is displayed when you read an email, but you can also add a column to your message list.

  • PHP


    This plugin will enable you to authenticate users against any standard OpenID Connect Provider. You’ll need to also run a local oxd OpenID Connect client service. The oxd middleware service is easy to install, and makes it easier to keep up-to-date with the latest security fixes for OAuth2. There are oxd plugins, modules and extennsions for many popular platforms and frameworks like: Wordpress, Magento, OpenCart, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Drupal, Roundcube, Spring Framework, Play Framework, Ruby on Rails and Python Flask. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to request a certain type of authentication using the OpenID Connect “acr” parameter. You may want to use strong two-factor authentication (2FA), or social login to Google, Facebook or other popular sites. Also supported is Super Gluu--a free mobile two factor authentication app. If you are also looking for a modern access management platform, you should consider the Gluu Server Community Edition. The Gluu Server includes an OpenID Connect Provider that will enable you to create local accounts for people in your domain, and to manage single sign-on (SSO) across your websites.

  • JavaScript


    Duo Security two-factor authentication for Roundcube. Users have multiple ways to authenticate, including: 1. One-tap authentication using Duo’s mobile app. 2. One-time passcodes generated by Duo’s mobile app (works even with no cell coverage) 3. One-time passcodes delivered to any SMS-enabled phone. 4. Phone callback to any phone (mobile or landline!) 5. One-time passcodes generated by an OATH-compliant hardware token

  • roundcube/ude_login

    Allows to specify configuration settings such as IMAP/SMTP servers, active plugins, etc. on a per-user level using a static text file.

  • PHP


    A plugin to use Yubico's Yubikey 2nd factor with Roundcube webmail.

  • PHP


    mod_auth_tkt single sign-on cookie manager for Roundcube

  • PHP


    Protectimus OTP solution for Roundcube

  • PHP


    Enable OpenOTP Two-factors authentication for RoundCube